NCAA Men’s Tournament 2019: Power-Ranking the Sweet 16 Teams

With all of the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seeds still playing in the 2019 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, this might be the best Sweet 16 ever assembled.

Power-ranking these 16 teams was no easy task buy nfl jerseys wholesale , even with the given that all four No. 1 seeds belong up top and that the only remaining team seeded lower than No. 5 belongs at the bottom.

For the most part—let’s call it 80 percent—these rankings are based on how well the teams played during the regular season. But they aren’t necessarily in the same order as they were in our pre-tournament power rankings because a significant amount of consideration was given to how they looked in their first two NCAA tournament games.6696a39c341fb21b72afb56480892e74_crop_exact
Case in point: Both LSU and Tennessee dropped a few spots on nfl jerseys store account of their nail-biters, and there’s a new ACC team at No. 1 after Duke’s near-disaster against UCF.

One important thing to note: Difficulty of path to the national championship has no bearing on this list. Rather, this could be considered a ranking of how we would reseed the remaining 16 teams based on perceived authentic jerseys wholesale

(If it’s title odds you’re interested in, we published those earlier in the week.)china cheap nfl jerseys

We’ll examine how teams played in the first two cheap nfl womens jerseys rounds, their biggest strengths and weaknesses, their MVPs and what they need to do to win it all, starting with the team that never should have been in the tournament in the first place.where to buy official nfl jerseys