Jacob Pugh, Florida State


—Long, lean athlete with good speed on a 6’4″, 232-pound frame.

—Has experience as a defensive end and could fill out and be used as an edge-rusher.

—Shows good agility in space and has the hips to redirect and recover on the edge.

—Runs down ball-carriers easily and chews up yardage with a long stride.

—Pugh looks natural moving on the field and could intrigue teams with his athletic potential.buy authentic nfl jerseys


—Needs to fill out his frame to better take on blockers.

—Has to better learn to use a long arm to keep blockers away; can be timid at the point of attack.
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—Looked timid and unsure of what to do at times.

—To make an NFL roster, he has to get stronger and better use his strength on the field.

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Jacob Pugh looks the part but is built like a small forward and needs to fill out his long frame. If he can add bulk and strength, it’s not out of the question that he could develop into a quality backup situational pass-rusher. He’s worth a look late if teams are OK with his work ethic and motor.

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GRADE: 5.00 (Priority Free Agent)

PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Koa Misi, free agent

Chris Worley, Ohio State


—Started two seasons as an outside linebacker.wholesale nfl jerseys outlet

—Shows toughness and instincts on the field and makes up for a lack of athleticism with aggressiveness.

—Smart, disciplined player who will perform his assignment; reliable.

—Strong tackler who can wrap up, come to balance and secure the hit with few misses.

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—Timed at 4.86 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

—Lacks the athleticism or size to dominate. Was an average college player.

—No twitch to his game.

—Allows himself to be easily blocked if he doesn’t beat the block with force.
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—Stiff as a board and lacks the lower-body flexibility needed to run in space with NFL talent.


Chris Worley was a solid performer for Ohio State but is limited athletically and lacks the size (6’2″, 230 lbs) to make up for his deficiencies. He has the tools to be a strong backup or special teams player as a priority free agent.

GRADE: 4.99 (Camp Body)nfl jersey wholesalers

PRO PLAYER COMPARISON: Jordan Evans, Cincinnati Bengals