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But I heard counterarguments from across the league — media, coaches, executives. Sale 6 James NBA Jerseys, I listened Sale Los Angeles Lakers NBA Jerseys, . I was reminded that Embiid and Jokic splitting votes between forward and center could result in one sliding to second team anyway under the league’s arcane accounting syste Cheap Stitched NBA Jerseys, m.

I opened my ballot and saw the instruction I had forgotten: Please vote for the player at the position he plays regular Discount NBA kids jerseys, ly. The queasy feeling from last season — when I slotted Embiid onto second team despite the same dual-eligibility — returned.

Even boasting ultramodern perimeter skills, Embiid and Jokic are centers. They are first and second in post-ups. On most nights, they guard opposing centers.

The choice wasn’t just between first and second team for one of the star centers. It was also a choice between Siakam and Gobert on third team. I (slightly) preferred Siakam’s all-around game, and importance — he led the league in minutes per game — to a Raptors team that went only seven deep for much of the season.

And I’m fully aware of Gobert’s centrality to the Jazz (see below!) He is their defense. Siakam is an ingredient in Toronto’s defense — a critical one, but not the keystone. Gobert’s rim-running on offense spurs defenses into rotation — revving up Utah’s vaunted blender — but he averages 15.5 points on 7.7 shots, and one assist. (In fairness, Utah’s offense is not built for Gobert to be a playmaker. Would it tilt maybe 10% more in that direction if the coaches had more faith in his playmaking ability?) It’s just hard to put that up against Siakam’s 23-8.5-5.3 line — on 49.5% shooting.

Men Los Angeles Lakers 6 James Purple 2022 Game NBA Jersey

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