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San Francisco Giants star Buster Posey could rewrite the Hall of Fame expectations for a catcher

Luckily, even though we’re both Busters in baseball, the facts of our jobs and lives have been different enough that we’re not often confused. Buy 25 Bonds MLB Jerseys, Sure, there have been many times that I’ve been introduced on television or radio as Buster Posey — including by Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter — but it’s never gone farther than a clear misidentification Buy San Francisco Giants MLB Jerseys, . Posey is one of the best athletes of his sport, a former college shortstop converted to catcher whose Cooperstown candidacy may lead to a broader reassessment of Hall of Fame credentials for the position, and I am — well — m Buy MLB Jerseys, e.

At least until five or six years ago, when the most difficult podcast interview I’ve ever had happen Discount MLB Jerseys, ed. A really, really famous star — unnamed here, to protect the innocent — enthusiastically (and surprisingly) agreed to join the show. And about one or two questions into our conversation, I realized that this really, really famous star thought he was speaking to podcast host Buster Posey, championship catcher, not Buster Olney, schlubby sportswriter.

The really, really famous star had gotten up very early to talk to Buster, and I did not want to embarrass him as he told his stories. So I very carefully structured my questions in such a way to lead him away from referring to Buster Posey. It was an exhausting 15 minutes, but the great payoff was telling Posey that story the next time I saw him. He laughed out loud. The great irony was that given Posey’s devotion to time with his family and his personality, he probably is the ballplayer least likely to host a podcast, ever.

Men San Francisco Giants 25 Bonds Grey Game Nike 2021 MLB Jerseys

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