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That, in itself, wasn’t a surpris Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, e. Arnett, a defensive line coach at Arrowhead, started training Watt as a 15-year-old, and even though the two had stopped working together for a full offseason, they still talked a lot, usually over te Buy NFL kids jerseys, xt.

This text, though, was different. It was long; Arnett joked that it was like 16 pages long. In it, Watt said he was pushing the Houston Texans’ training staff to let him get back to some of the exercises he preferred — ones that made Watt feel like himself. It wasn’t an airing of grievances, Arnett remembered, as much as it was a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year wanting to rekindle what he once had. Watt needed Arnett to help him do that.

Before they started training together this offseason, Arnett was blunt with the 32-year-old Watt: There are things in the weight room Watt can’t do anymore. The risk was too great for the reward, especially after having gone through rehab for a back injury, a broken leg and a torn pectoral muscle in the past five years. But there were things they could change.

And Arnett assured Watt they could get back to doing some what they used to do — the types of workouts and exercises that make Watt feel normal, that make him tick, including Olympic-style lifts and back squatting.

“I have been doing everything exactly the way the doctors want you to do it because I’ve had the injuries, obviously,” Watt told ESPN in early September. “Everybody’s super conservative, so you got to protect this, you gotta protect that, you can’t do this stuff, you can’t do that lift, you can’t run too hard, you can’t run not enough.

“Listen, I’m not going to go into [this] season just tiptoeing in, trying not to get hurt, because even if I don’t get hurt, I’m not going to be the player I want to be. So, [we decided] we’re going to train this offseason like we used to, we’re going to train like the old days and we’re gonna train our asses off — and I’m going to go into that season gangbusters.”

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