Dallas Cowboys: WR Allen Hurns

Frankly, just about any of the wide receivers for the Cowboys would have been a decent choice, from veteran Terrance Williams (who is coming off a lousy 2017) to rookie Michael Gallup.

Someone is going to have to step up in a big way if the Cowboys are going to contend in the NFC East.authentic nfl jerseys for cheap

Williams at least knows the scheme, and Gallup gets half a pass for being a rookie. So, it’s one of the team’s veteran acquisitions.authentic nfl jerseys wholesale

It wasn’t that long ago that Allen Hurns appeared to be an ascending young receiver. But after a 1,000-yard 2015 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Hurns struggled to stay on the field. The 26-year-old has missed 11 games over the last two seasons, failing to hit 500 receiving yards in 2016 or 2017.

But Hurns is easily the most proven option on the Cowboys roster at wide receiver. He may not be a No. 1 wideout, but he’s as close to one as Dallas has.

Provided, that is, he can stay healthy after those two lost seasons and get his once-promising NFL career back on track.nfl jersey china

In Dallas there is no honeymoon. Every year is Super Bowl-or-bust. So whether it’s fair or not, Hurns is now in the land of Texas-size expectations.