Cedrick Wilson, Boise State


—Highly productive two-year receiver at Boise State with over 1,500 yards in 2017.

—Spatial awareness to create leverage and separation in red zone before high-pointing the football.

—Explosive open-field moves to become viable weapon after the catch.

—Creative route-runner who understands manipulation in short-to-intermediate areas.

—Above-average competitiveness that shows in all phases.


—Makes the consistent plays but never comes up with the flashy ones. Struggles to make elite catches that are required of top-flight NFL receivers.

—Tall with a thin frame that lacks muscular chest.

—Press corners disrupt his release and force him off of his plan easily.

—Slow back foot out of stance that leaves him tardy on timing routes.

—When rushed, his athleticism declines and balance becomes an issue down the field.


Cedrick Wilson has the competitiveness and production to warrant a look as a potential backup and starting option on wide receiver-needy teams. He’ll need time to develop an upper body that can compete in the NFL as a blocker, but the technical route-running aspects of being a receiver are already evident in limited experience.


—Scott Frost offense demanded he impact the run game as a blocker.

—Excellent jump-ball receiver who can win with high-pointing.wholesale cheap nfl jersey china

—Times his move on the ball well and shows natural athleticism playing above the turf.

—Has the speed to stretch the field and can run off defenders.cheap wholesale nfl jerseys china

—Productive down the field and flashed the ability to pick up chunk plays after the catch.



—Big catch radius but struggles with drops.
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—Thin frame allows press coverage to slow him down.

—Frame is maxed out and looks stiff when asked to break off routes.

—Weak through traffic and can be timid at the catch point.

—Frame and catch radius limitations might limit him to a slot role only.

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Tre’Quan Smith excelled at UCF with his speed and big-play ability but needs to refine his game as a route-runner and work on using his length to his advantage. He’s solid but likely tops out as a mid-round pick.

Auden Tate, Florida State


—Big, physical receiver who uses size to out-rebound defenders down the field.

—Touchdown machine with high-point ability.

—Above-average body control down the field for a player his size (6’5″, 228 lbs).

—Awareness to identify zones and sit for easy completions.


—Speed is a major concern when his size won’t be enough to compensate in the NFL.

—Slow feet in and out of breaks that telegraph routes at all levels.

—No wiggle to his game and won’t be a viable YAC producer in NFL.

—Separated shoulder in 2017.

—Separation skills are a concern and will be exploited by press corners.


Auden Tate has top-flight physicality that makes him a legitimate NFL red-zone scoring threat. His ability to box out smaller defenders and high-point throws is extremely difficult to defend. His slow feet and lack of separation skills make him a red-zone threat who will struggle to be effective between the 20s. Tate will get plenty of looks in the NFL as a matchup threat to score when it matters most.

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—Legit deep speed that will translate to the NFL immediately.

—Press corners can’t miss because his route stems are some of the best in this class in terms of fluidity.
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—Decisive open-field runner who can cause problems after the catch.
—Change-of-direction skills highlight his lateral agility in tight spaces.

—Identifies zones while in motion with body control to throttle down easily.

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—Hands are a major concern at all levels of the field.

—Competitive toughness comes and goes in waves.

—Frame looks smaller than weight suggests and lacks muscular definition to compete against average press corners.

—Doesn’t use leverage to create spacing when a defensive back remains in phase. Won’t help the quarterback out by creating target down the field.
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—Home run hitter post-catch but won’t come down with the electric plays of a stud No. 1 receiver.

Allen Lazard, Iowa State


—Massive frame that can handle NFL contact over the middle of the field.

—Hands and concentration to make contested catches with physicality to post defenders up.

—Above-average spatial awareness to judge balls in air while simultaneously battling for positioning.

—Four-year contributor at Iowa State with experience at boundary, in the slot and at returner.

—Natural receiver who attacks the ball.


—Doesn’t have the play speed to beat average talent down the field.

—6’5″ height becomes an issue when sinking into breaks.

—Average route-runner at best with mediocre change-of-direction ability that is highlighted on timing routes off the line of scrimmage.

—Doesn’t have immediate burst to become a threat post-catch; long strides that limit spacing.

—He’ll struggle to create spacing for himself against NFL talent and will need to be schemed open.


Allen Lazard has the big-time college production that NFL teams want to see. Additionally his frame makes him an intriguing offensive weapon who can be a moveable piece at the next level. Lazard’s athleticism in the open field is a concern and leaves much to be desired as a boundary receiver. While his ability to make contested catches is top-notch, separating against NFL defensive backs will take more than pure size.


—Excels as a breaking route-runner and can separate off the cut.nfl jerseys replica

—Dominated Penn State in USC’s comeback 2017 Rose Bowl win.

—Will make tough catches over the middle and has physical mentality.

—Looks to get up field and can produce yards after the catch with good quickness and open-field moves.

—Hands-catcher with a good catch radius for his size.replica nike nfl jerseys


—Short with a thin frame (6’0″, 186 lbs).

—Doesn’t have the bulk to handle outside WR duties and will be a slot only.

—Gives up ground in routes and must be stronger on cuts.wholesale nfl jerseys cheap

—Plagued by numerous injuries throughout his USC career; lack of frame causes durability concerns.

—Route tree lacks development.

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Deontay Burnett enjoyed nice production at USC but doesn’t have the physical or athletic traits to project as more than a WR3 or WR4 in the NFL. His lack of contribution on special teams only further limits value.