The NFL’s Riskiest Offseasons Aren’t Happening Where You Might Think

You’ve probably already heard this, but it’s incredibly risky to make aggressive moves like the Rams have this offseason. The way they’re building their roster will end in one of two ways in 2018: They’ll either make the 1985 Bears look like a JV squad, or they will implode in training camp when kids authentic nfl jerseys hi-res-5390312e9717f541e64ee5e9223619e5_crop_northMarcus Peters punches kid nfl jerseys Aqib Talib for stealing his chain and Aaron Donald goes on sit-down strike after seeing Ndamukong Suh’s bank statement.

But at least the Rams know what they’re getting themselves into. Other teams are taking even bigger risks. They just don’t know it yet because it isn’t as obvious.

Those teams are making the NFL’s favorite bad gamble: the no-risk risk. They’re trying to somehow get better by getting rid of their best players. The dreaded culture change. The rebuilding project that is driven by personalities, not potential. The play-it-safe-and-guarantee-mediocrity nike nfl kids jerseys

“You don’t quit on talent,” Giants general manager Dave Gettleman told NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones during the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Florida, this week. The Giants brass then spent the rest of the week sounding like they couldn’t wait to quit on Odell Beckham Jr., one of the most talented individuals in professional sports, because he’s sometimes a bit of a handful.Gettleman and the Giants already traded Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers for loose change and are moving on from many cheap nfl kids jerseys of the big names they splurged on over the last two years. If they trade Beckham, even for a fistful of draft picks, they might as well make Quitting on Talent the team’s 2018 motto.

Granted, much of the talent quit on the Giants last nfl jerseys kidsĀ  It makes sense for a 3-13 team to shed some salary and move on from older players.

The Seahawks are in a similar situation. Their veterans grew expensive and cantankerous in the years since their championship, nfl kids jersey making a reboot inevitable.

Mikal Bridges (Villanova, SF, Junior)

NBA draft projection: Top 10, 2018

Mikal Bridges’ breakout season extends to the Final Four, where he can lock up his spot as a top-10 discount nfl jerseys

He had a rare off game against Texas Tech in the Elite Eight, finishing without a three-pointer for only the fourth time all season. Otherwise, his body of work for the year paints the picture of an efficient, two-way NBA wing. And in the pros, even the non-All-Star shooters who defend positions 2-4 (Otto Porter, Robert Covington) can hold significant value. cheap discount nfl jerseys

He still needs work as a scorer off the bounce. Bridges has only made two of nine runners and 18 of 51 dribble jumpers on the season.

But he’s shot 43.6 percent behind the arc and 58.8 percent inside it. Bridges has improved on the ball with improv scoring and speciality moves. And he’s a bigger threat as a pick-and-roll ball-handler, generating 1.00 PPP (93rd percentile) on those possessions, up from .72 PPP (53rd percentile) a year nfl jerseys cheap

A versatile, disciplined defender, he should see time on Kansas’ Malik Newman and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk on Saturday jerseys for kids