2002-03 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves

Advanced Metrics: 26.4 PER, 15.6 WS, 553.15 TPA

Kevin Garnett did everything for the Minnesota Timberwolves—a conclusion that can be reached by looking at more than his standard or pace-adjusted per-game numbers. He contributed in every area imaginable replica nfl jersey for a squad that went 51-31, and reached a level about which none of his teammates could even hope to dream.

Just take a gander at Minnesota’s top finishes in NBA Math’s TPA that season: replica nfl jerseys wholesale

Kevin Garnett, 553.15
Wally Szczerbiak, 49.21
Rasho Nesterovic, 31.32
Gary Trent, minus-2.34
Reggie Slater, minus-5.13hi-res-21ab593f94c47f92002d2a18069c2680_crop_exact

That’s it. Three players in the positives. The rest of his teammates combined to accumulate minus-277.09 TPA, and Garnett still dragged them to a first-round playoff matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Though the power forward got even better during his MVP-winning follow-up to these exploits, his work in 2002-03 nike replica nfl jerseys still shouldn’t be overlooked. He was the definition of a one-man team, and his endeavors often yielded positive results.

Players at this age aren’t supposed to dominate.

But a 34-year-old Karl Malone still submitted the best non-MVP season of his career—one that’s been topped by only a dozen players throughout all of NBA history. Of those 12, only Hakeem Olajuwon was in his 30s, and he celebrated the big three-oh during the relevant campaign. For that matter, a 31-year-old Larry Bird is the only player to appear thus far on the wrong end of the milestone age.

Father Time couldn’t hold Malone back.

A physical specimen (as always), the power forward bullied his way past opponents on a regular basis. He showed off his vision by dishing out a pace-adjusted 4.3 assists per game, and his pick-and-roll prowess alongside John Stockton helped lead to a 62-20 record and another matchup against the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals. nfl jersey replica

Michael Jordan got the better of Malone, both in the Finals and the MVP race, but the Salt Lake City star still held his own in both situations against his fellow nfl jerseys replica  veteran.